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… The churches of Christ greet you.” Romans 16:16

     You are invited to peaceably attend the following events.

~~~~~ Huron, SD ~~~~~
     • Churches of Christ in our region routinely host an area-wide singing on the fifth Sunday of months with five Sundays in them. At 4pm on October 29, this event will be hosted by the Wisconsin Ave. church of Christ which meets at 1508 Wisconsin Avenue SW in Huron, SD.  Visitors are welcome to peaceably attend, enjoy the congregational acappella music, and stay for the meal immediately following the singing.

     •  Watertown, SD
What:  weekly non-denominational Bible study
     Current t
opic:  Why should Christians be eager to study the Bible?
(a 13-week exploration of God’s ambitions for people; scheduled through Nov. 26, 2017)
Who’s invited:  anyone curious to learn more about God’s ambitions
Format:  examine Scripture followed by group discussion and Q&A
Where:  meeting room at Quality Inn & Suites
          800 - 35th Circle SE, Watertown, SD
          (located next to I-29, just behind & north of McDonalds)
When:  2:30 pm, Sunday afternoons
Why:  (see Romans 10:17 to answer this one for yourself)
No cost to you to attend; visitors welcome; peaceably participate at your comfort level; bibles will be provided as our free gift to you
(Sponsored by members of the Brookings church of Christ; study / discussion led by David Churchill)

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          David Churchill, Editor
          309 - 3rd Avenue NE
          Watertown, SD 57201-2524
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