Brain Teaser

Old Testament Characters quiz #1:

     1. How old was Noah when he died?
          a. 90
          b. 120
          c. 950
          d. 620

     2. What was the name of a female judge of Israel?
          a. Delilah
          b. Deborah
          c. Naomi
          d. Ruth

     3. How old was Methuselah when he died?
          a. 975
          b. 969
          c. 960
          d. 900

    4. Which of the following was NOT a son of Noah?
          a. Ham
          b. Japheth
          c. Nahum
          d. Shem

     5. Who were Hophni and Phinehas?
          a. Traitors of Israel
          b. Sons of Samuel
          c. Spies for the Hebrew army
          d. Sons of Eli

     6. Who was Samuel's mother?
          a. Rebeccah
          b. Hannah
          c. Rachel
          d. Bible doesn't say

     7. How did Eli (who guided Samuel) die?
          a. Fell off a chair
          b. Killed by robbers
          c. Struck down by the Lord
          d. Crucified

     8. Who was Saul's father? (Saul the king of Israel)
          a. Jesse
          b. Hamid
          c. Kish
          d. Dan

     9. Who did Jannes and Jambres withstand?
          a. The Spirit
          b. Moses
          c. Paul
          d. Solomon

     10. Who was David's first wife?
          a. Michal
          b. Bathsheba
          c. Miriam
          d. Merab

     Some questions are harder than others, so think carefully! When you are ready, click here for the answers.