David Churchill has been a member of the church of Christ since September, 1979 and currently attends the Brookings church of Christ in Brookings, South Dakota.  David is also the founder and editor of the Exploring God's Word website.
     In addition to his materials in the Exploring God's Word shared library, David has assisted churches of Christ in the area by preparing and preaching sermons & lessons covering a wide range of biblical topics including courage, evangelism, the meaning of life, the examples we set for one another, a fourteen-part series on prayer, a seven-part series on worship, a twelve-part series on God's authority, a nineteen-part series deeply exploring the privileges & responsibilities offered through God's plan of salvation, as well as several lessons about preaching and the growth of church… to list just a few of the topics.

     David is available for speaking and preaching engagements.  You may find his teaching style useful to include in your annual lectureships building up the brethren and your gospel meetings reaching out to the community.  PDF sample outlines and MP3 sample recordings are available upon request; please include a valid email address with your request.

     We currently offer, free of charge, these printed materials (also prepared by David):
       •  the EGW 2018 calendar bookmarks (covers months July 2017 - Feb. 2019)… presents a 12-step walk-thru of God's plan of salvation beginning with God’s offer to help people really live and completing with the satisfaction Christians enjoy living in Christ
       •  the EGW study booklet (based upon the calendar bookmark)… a 13-week study series entitled “Why should Christians be eager to study the Bible?” encouraging & motivating people to explore God’s ambitions for them as He has explained in the Scriptures
     These printed materials have been prepared with evangelism & outreach teaching primarily in mind, but are also suitable for classroom and group study.  Currently we are able to offer these in bulk at no charge to congregations within the United States.  To order, please David and arrange for the quantities you would need.
     When requesting samples of either the calendar or study booklet, please include a valid physical mailing address.  

     You may contact David by e-mail at:  egweditor##@##exploringgodsword.co.  (Be sure to remove the “#” symbols before emailing.)
     or by regular mail at:    Exploring God's Word
                                        David Churchill, Editor
                                        309 - 3rd Avenue NE
                                        Watertown, SD 57201-2524