How to contact us

     The Brookings church of Christ meets at 814 - 3rd Street.  Our evangelist is Jim Mettenbrink.  If you enjoy Exploring God's Word, look for our weekly article in the Town & Country Shopper.
     If you have would like to study the Word of God through correspondence course by mail or in a personal Bible study in the privacy of your home, please call us at (605) 692-2684.  {If no answer, call (605) 692-2684 and leave a message.}
You may contact Jim by e-mail at:  (Be sure to remove the “#” symbols before emailing.)
By postal mail, you may contact us at:
          Brookings Church of Christ
          P.O. Box 153
          Brookings, SD 57006-0153
          United States of America

     If you are a first-time visitor to our site or if you have some needs we may be able to help you with, please fill out our visitor’s card so we may know of those needs. (visitor card)

      This presentation courtesy of the
                  Brookings church of Christ.
                  814-3rd Street
                  P.O. Box 153
                  Brookings, South Dakota 57006
                  United States of America
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