• • • You're invited… to an outreach study in your area !!!

     •  Watertown, SD
What:  weekly non-denominational Bible study
Why:  (see Psalm 14:2; Matthew 4:4; Romans 10:17; and Hebrews 11:6 to answer this one for yourself)
     Current t
opic:  Searching for Truth” video series published by World Video Bible School
(an exploration in search of God’s answers to life’s ultimate questions)
Who’s invited:  anyone curious to learn more about the answers God has provided us through His written word
Format:  watch video / examine Scripture followed by group discussion and Q&A
Current location:  Miller residence… 800 - 9th Street NE
When:  3:00 pm, Sunday afternoons
No cost to you to attend; visitors welcome; peaceably participate at your comfort level; bibles will be provided as our free gift to you
(Sponsored by members of the Brookings church of Christ; study / discussion led by David Churchill; for a FREE printed copy of the study booklet being used, please contact either David or the Brookings church of Christ)

     Focus each week:
     —  Introduction:
     —  Chapter one:  About the Creator
     —  Chapter two:  About Authority
     —  Chapter three:  About the Church
     —  Chapter four:  About the House of God
     —  Chapter five:  About Baptism

     Does your local church of Christ have an area outreach study that is not listed here?  Please
contact the EGW editor and let us know whom (along with their contact info) that we may contact for permission and the specific event details to share with our readers.
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