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     •  Watertown, SD
What:  weekly non-denominational Bible study
     Current t
opic:  Why should Christians be eager to study the Bible?
(a 13-week exploration of God’s ambitions for people; scheduled through Nov. 26, 2017)
Who’s invited:  anyone curious to learn more about God’s ambitions
Format:  examine Scripture followed by group discussion and Q&A
Where:  meeting room at Quality Inn & Suites
          800 - 35th Circle SE, Watertown, SD
          (located next to I-29, just behind & north of McDonalds)
When:  2:30 pm, Sunday afternoons
Why:  (see Romans 10:17 to answer this one for yourself)
No cost to you to attend; visitors welcome; peaceably participate at your comfort level; bibles will be provided as our free gift to you
(Sponsored by members of the Brookings church of Christ; study / discussion led by David Churchill; for a FREE printed copy of the study booklet being used, please contact either David or the Brookings church of Christ)

     Focus each week:
     —  week one:  God’s offer to advise and to help people live their lives fully and completely
     —  week two:  God’s Promise to those who accept His advice and guidance
     —  week three:  The conditions of God’s salvation
     —  week four:  How people gain their trust in God
     —  week five:  The authority of Christ’s words in God’s salvation “contract”
     —  week six:  The mutual expectations of the “contract”
     —  week seven:  Considering the benefits of the “contract”
     —  week eight:  The implied obligations of the terms
     —  week nine:  “Signing” the offer
     —  week ten:  Fulfilling the “contract”
     —  week eleven:  Keeping our commitments
     —  week twelve:  Satisfaction
     —  week thirteen:  Review of past twelve weeks

     Does your local church of Christ have an area outreach study that is not listed here?  Please
contact the EGW editor and let us know whom (along with their contact info) that we may contact for permission and the specific event details to share with our readers.
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