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What is the purpose of Exploring God's Word?
by David Churchill [EGW editor’s note*]

     This question covers a topic I’ve addressed elsewhere in different places on this website, but I don’t mind gathering the information together here.  Some of the following information is accessible from the header menu above by clicking the “About Exploring God's Word” and the “What to expect when you visit the church of Christ” links.  At the bottom of the “Exploring God's Word --current articles--” menu are links to copyright information and terms of use.  If your congregation received promotional literature from David Churchill, then that literature provided you with a link for subscription information and instructions.

•  The bare essentials: What, who, where, why, how
     The on-line version of Exploring God's Word is published by David Churchill and is made available to you by members of churches of Christ, possibly one meeting in your area.  (The directory of subscribing congregations is at  We hope you will join us in our goals of studying the Bible together objectively for the facts and lessons it provides about God’s religion and then using those facts and lessons to improve our own lives.  
     As a publication, Exploring God's Word is the design and product of myself, David G. Churchill, 309 - 3rd Avenue NE, Watertown, SD, 57201, USA.  Its overall purposes are (1) to encourage people to become Christians according the pattern revealed in the New Testament; (2) to strengthen and edify Christians in their knowledge and application of the Bible; (3) to provide local churches of Christ economical opportunities to promote themselves on the internet with both local information and a growing library of teaching materials.  There are also several other worthy hopes, privileges, and goals associated with this effort.  Some of these desires are more interesting or more motivating than others depending upon one’s role as reader, subscriber, author, or editor.  However, these desires are of second importance and come after accomplishing the three overall purposes.
     Depending upon your particular study needs at given time, you can either chose selections from the new articles published each month or else search our growing library by subject, title, feature column or the site’s search engine. You’ll notice that each feature column has its own presentation style, general theme, and expectation level of your familiarity of the Bible (or at least of your willingness to be familiar with the Bible).  
     Please understand that we are challenging all our readers to grow for themselves in knowing and applying God’s instructions from the Scriptures.  We are trying to point people to the Bible for God’s answers in all religious matters — as a result many of you will feel we are pointing you away from your religious background, instruction, or denomination.  Our audience includes both Christians and non-Christians — the same article that is acceptably fitting to one person may seemly overly basic or overly advanced to another.  As people begin sharing our efforts to agree with what the Bible says is right, some begin noticing whether others agree or disagree with the Bible.  Our responsibility includes making you aware of these challenges.  How you handle and respond to these challenges is your own responsibility.

•  Encouraging people to become Christians according to the pattern revealed in the New Testament:

     Are you confused or even frustrated by the storms of doctrine caused by the denominational religions claiming the label of Christianity?

     Have you ever pondered how, why, and which religion fits into reality?

     Are you open-minded to seeking the religion God built around Christ, and to leaving behind the religions people build around denominations and man-made doctrines?

     Would you like to learn more about the God of the Bible and about the religion He instructs in the New Testament?
     Would you accept some help and encouragement letting the Bible interpret itself?

          If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then we have something in common with each other.
     Would you join us in exploring the Bible as we seek to understand and practice God’s religion — as the apostle Paul encourages us to do in 2 Timothy 3:16-17?  “
All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.
•  Strengthening and edifying Christians in their knowledge and application of the Bible:
     As Christians, we plead for all who would follow Christ to obey the original pattern of Christianity as revealed in the Bible.  Since the Word of God is the seed of the Kingdom (Luke 8:11), when it is planted in the hearts of men it will produce the same fruit today as it did in the first century.
     As Christians, we earnestly plead for the unity of all believers on the scriptural platform of no creed but the Bible, no name but Christ’s, no organization but the church, and no worship but that authorized by God’s Word.  This is the only real answer to Christian unity and fellowship in Christ (Ephesians 4:4-6; 1 Corinthians 1:10).
     As Christians, we respect the Bible as the fully inspired Word of God (2 Peter 1:21; 1 Thessalonians 2:13).  The Bible is the complete and only authority in true religion (2 Timothy 3:16-4:5; 1 Peter 4:11).  Since the Word of God is the all sufficient rule of faith and practice, expect us to reject all human creeds and man-made bindings (Galatians 1:8-9; Revelation 22:18-19).  We believe that to follow and bind traditions of men is to worship God in vain (Matthew 15:8-9).
     Because of our respect and confidence in the Bible as God’s Word, we study the Bible regularly as congregations and as individuals.  We encourage you to do the same.  Through Exploring God's Word we are happy to share with you the fruits of our studying and suggest that you talk with your family and friends about what you learn from the Scriptures.  We welcome your Bible-related questions and want to hear your comments and suggestions about EGW.
     As Christians, we are common ordinary people with an uncommon unity in God’s Word.  We have varying backgrounds, experiences, and different stages of knowledge and spiritual growth.  We need and submit to God’s will.  We are not perfect and do fall short at times.  We come together understanding that as sinners we need the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ.
•  Providing local churches of Christ economical opportunities to promote themselves on the internet with local information and a shared library of teaching materials:
     Would your congregation like to have a highly functional and easy-to-navigate website on the internet…
     … presenting your local information and a growing library of reliable Bible-study articles and materials?
     … requiring very little extra of your time to maintain, yet still offering new and thought-provoking articles each month motivating visitors to return regularly?
     … costing far less than the hundreds of dollars investment in setup and update fees usually required of a professionally-maintained website?

     The Exploring God's Word website is designed to provide your local church of Christ an economical means to present itself on the internet using a customized homepage that provides both local contact information and access to a library of articles shared by other local churches of Christ.
     The navigation interface for Exploring God's Word was developed over a three-year period and reflects over twenty-three years ongoing experience creating professional multimedia and print presentations.  If you have ever been frustrated using slow or confusing internet sites, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  Articles in the shared library can be easily located by feature column, subject, title, and the site search engine.  The library’s unique design allows a user to locate and begin reading any article in six mouse-clicks or less with the most recent articles available in just one or two clicks. EGW is for information and not entertainment, so files download quickly with a minimum of time-consuming graphics.
     Another benefit is that users are reminded of the local church, because they access the EGW main library using a local church’s homepage.
     A third incentive is EGW’s low cost.  For less than the average phone bill, your congregation can be promoting itself with a professional, informative, and growing website.
     Another advantage is a simple easy-to-use internet address.  This address is “” plus the initials of the state plus the name (or initials) of the city (and plus the local name of the congregation, if the second or later congregation to subscribe).  For example, “” or “”.
     Most importantly, all articles in Exploring God's Word, except for one feature column, are prepared and edited by Christians with years of trained experience studying the Bible and preparing Bible-study materials.  As the exception, the column “With an Open Mind” presents unusual articles selected for their denominational authors’ rare and noteworthy efforts to seek out Bible teaching even when it challenges their denominational backgrounds.

•  Here’s how to contact EGW:
     If you have suggestions for articles or for improving readability, we want to hear them.  Feel free to write me or the congregations, especially about any biblical questions you might have.  EGW is for you, our readers, and we want to meet your Bible study needs as best we can.
Please email your bible-related questions to me at  (Be sure to remove the “#” symbols before emailing.)
For all other issues concerning this website, you may email me at  (Be sure to remove the “#” symbols before emailing.)
By postal mail, you may contact me at:
          Exploring God's Word
          David Churchill, Editor
          309 - 3rd Avenue NE
          Watertown, SD 57201
          United States of America

•  Have we missed anything?
     If your local church of Christ is missing from our directory of subscribing congregations, …
      … please send me the necessary information to contact them and I will ask them about becoming a sponsor of Exploring God's Word in your area.

     One more thing I should bring up as editor and publisher before I close, …
      … I do not solicit or beg our readers to generate financial support for EGW.  I do not authorize soliciting or begging our readers to generate financial support for EGW.  I do contact congregations and interested individuals and ask them to become subscribing sponsors.  The website may occasionally offer purchasable items, the sale of which would help support Exploring God's Word.  Concerning donations, I prefer instead that those individuals willing to help financially support Exploring God's Word would simply sponsor new subscriptions on behalf of congregations they’re familiar with.  I do reserve the right to refuse any subscription if I believe doing so is in the best interests of the publication or of our readers.  This is as close as I come to soliciting our readers.  All reader correspondence, including subscription inquiries, should be sent to the address above.

     [*EGW editor’s note:  This article was prompted by reader response to the two-part article “What is Sin?”.  When the first half of that article was published under this feature column, the initial reader feedback indicated some confusion understanding the topics worded as questions and some confusion as to the intent & reasoning of the article.  After considering this feedback, I made some clarifying changes to the article and then relocated it to the feature column “Plowing the Fields unto Harvest” where asking lots of little questions is part of the study process.  Also, I extended the reader’s questioning of the article’s intent to questioning the intent of the Exploring God's Word site in general and prepared this Q&A article to handle that as well.
     Please keep sending us your questions, comments, and other input so we can continue improving our on-line efforts to help meet your Bible study needs. (Back to beginnning of article)]

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