You Can Know You Have Eternal Life
#2 – Is everyone religiously correct?
by Jim Mettenbrink

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     All people are religious, i.e. they conduct their lives by a set of beliefs.  Because of our First Amendment rights and consequent tolerance of all religions, we are being conditioned that all religions are correct.  Further modern man is being taught that there is no real absolute right or wrong.  The 1960s and 70s sowed the seed of New Age movement (Age of Aquarius) with its anything goes attitude (“If it feels good do it,” “Get all the gusto out of life”) unconditional tolerance of almost everything as long as its not immediately disruptive to society (“You’re Ok,. I’m OK”).  Thus today’s generation follows their feelings, seeking perpetual pleasure, denies that there can be absolute and restrictive rules, and shuns individual responsibility (someone, something or society else is responsible).  Thus, today’s dominant value and guiding principle is pleasure with no limits – hedonism.  The result?  Man has made himself his own god, makes his own rules to suit himself and in his self-perceived benevolence, declares that all religions are acceptable (read “correct”).  However not all people live strictly according to their own desires.
     Many folks believe and live according to a standard other than their own inventions.  Often people inherit their religious beliefs from the family, assume they are following the correct religion and never give serious evaluation of what they believe to be certain they are correct.  Related to the PC view that all religions are OK and the failure to evaluate one’s beliefs, the many religions, churches and sacred books (several claiming not to arise from man, but from a supreme god) in our world have caused untold confusion, even wars.  Interestingly, regardless of the diversity, the common ground of almost all religions is to seek to answer the three questions that everyone of us has at some point in our lives. — “Where did I come from?”, “What am I doing here?” and “What happens to me when I die?”
     Can it be true that we have many different origins, different purposes for our existence and many different destinies after death as set forth by all the different religions?  Is this rational?  What if there is only one true God and only one way of living that is pleasing to Him with a promise of unimaginably happy and peaceful destiny?  Would you not want to know about it?  You, being a responsible person, rightfully ask, “How can I know if there is just one supreme God and how does he guide me into His way?  How can I know with absolute certainty?”
     It will be my purpose in this series of articles to show that the God of heaven is supreme, that He is your creator and has given you the Bible to reveal His will for you and how you can know the Bible is in fact from God?  If it is so, that there is only one true creator God and only one way to be faithful to Him, then it necessarily means all other religions and sacred books must be manmade and are false.  Thus, you will able to know for certain where you came, why you are here, and what is your destiny!

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