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     The on-line version of Exploring God's Word is a publication of David G. Churchill and is made available to you by members of churches of Christ; perhaps a congregation meets in your area.  As editor, I hope you will join us in our goals of studying the Bible objectively for the facts and lessons it provides about God's religion and then using those facts and lessons to improve our own lives.

Viewing tips:
      Minimum monitor settings: a screen resolution of 640x480 pixels and a color depth of 256 colors.
      Recommended monitor settings: a screen resolution of 800x600 pixels or higher and a color depth of more than 256 colors.
      Some text settings built into the pages appear to work better in Internet Explorer than in Netscape or Firefox.
      To adjust the viewing size of text in articles:
            • in Netscape or Firefox, change the “Text Zoom” setting under the “View” menu at the top of the Netscape / Firefox window (temporary);
            • in Netscape or Firefox, select the “Options” setting under the “Tools” menu at the top of the Netscape / Firefox window, then select "Content" > "Advanced" in the "Fonts & Colors" area > change the "Minimum font size to "16" or larger and click "OK" > click "OK" to close "Options" window (setting lasts until changed);
            • in Internet Explorer, change the “Text Size” setting under the “View” menu at the top of the Internet Explorer window (sometimes temporary, sometimes lasts until changed);
            • (Windows platform) in Internet Explorer or Netscape or Firefox, hold the "Ctrl" key while tapping the "+" or "-" keys to increase or decrease the text size” setting (lasts until changed or until the browser window is closed).
      To adjust the viewing width of the Exploring God's Word menu area, click and drag to the left or right the vertical bar separating the EGW menu and article areas.

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